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All contents of this website are subject to the copyright of Nushin Morid and may not be published or distributed in any medium without their written permission. Violations will be prosecuted. Every copy produced or used in the area of a commercial enterprise serves commercial purposes according to § 54 (2) UrhG and obliges to pay fees to Nushin Morid, the payment modalities are to be inquired.
Reservation: Texts and images were created with the greatest care. However, neither legal nor any liability can be assumed for any remaining incorrect information and its consequences. All publications on these pages are made without taking any patent protection into account, and brand names are also used without guarantee of free use. The greatest possible care was taken in the selection and maintenance of the data. However, it is possible that data is incorrect, incomplete or out of date. I do not take any responsibility for this. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

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