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I was always fascinated and touched by art when it revealed both craftsmanship and an expression of the soul. I was especially moved by the old masters. Looking for a way to learn the old handicraft, I found studying at the Leonardo Academy in Hamburg, which was one of the few academies where the classic, old masterly techniques of painting and drawing were taught. I experienced my studies as a time of absorption. There was not much room for my own expression and so, in addition to my studies, I developed sculptural work with clay, which unexpectedly became more and more important for my freelance work after my studies. Self-taught, I researched the material in small figures and larger works were created. After completing my studies, painting initially remained a technical means that gave me a solid basis for commissioned paintings, murals and illustrations, and it was used in my growing activity as a course leader. The means of expression of my soul remained the clay sculpture. It took many years for painting to regain its importance.

I am interested in people and their innermost being, which is sometimes hidden, sometimes visible. My artistic work is influenced by years of practice of meditation and introspection, in which the research into the question "Who am I?" is an underlying motivation. My current paintings in particular reflect the exploration of true identity on the inner path with a wisdom teacher. I see my paintings as an attempt to understand the processes and insights of inner research with all of my senses. The atmospheric expression in form and color gives a wordless sphere inside me the means to express a reality that is just as valid as that of the intellectual world and to transport what can neither be seen with the outer eyes nor transported with words. The process of painting is like immersing myself in these spheres that elude the mind. Where premonitions, vague forms and atmospheres have a reality that is unrecognized by the world, I find answers that are more real than anything the mind can ever grasp. Sometimes it seems to me as if I am making visible images that have existed there for a long time. My job is to dive in and bring them to the surface. I could also say my paintings are an invitation to the viewer to visit this inner place.

I also explore human nature in clay sculptures. I am inspired by the divine that is inherent in human beings and seek an expression for it in a meditative process. Not only in my work as a visual artist, but also as a musician and performance artist, I was fascinated and occupied with intuition and improvisation as a source for artistic creation processes. So my sculptures are created exclusively improvising: I turn to the material without intent, without any image, without an idea of ​​what is going to happen. If I manage to get out of this process and watch the shaping hands without judgment, something different, something deeper takes hold of the language that knows exactly what is said and what needs to be expressed. My hands are looking for the form behind the form that is beyond personal expression or external masks, they are looking for the truth below. The juxtaposition of the simplified, abstract form and the natural form in a clay sculpture is for me a reflection of the human being and the divinity that is inherent in him.

Developing in this way, my clay sculptures express the nature of human beings, the play of conflicts, obstacles and different emotional worlds. My works describe the divinity, the uplifting that I see in every human being, but also the defeats, doubts and fears that stand in the way of awareness of this inner divinity.


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