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Nushin Morid


Born in Iran in 1971, I came to Germany at the age of two. Since I could hold a pen in my hand, I kept drawing . I was interested in the materiality of things early on: the dull shimmer of a wax candle, the hard and high-contrast reflections of metal, the delicate and multi-layered lines and shapes that suggested the transparency of glass. I could spend hours in this world of matter and things. It was a journey into a world in which there was soon only me and the object, then only the object, because in focus, when zooming in on the object, I disappeared more and more, until soon even the object no longer existed . It dissolved into abstract lines,  shapes and grades.


Later I studied illustration and painting in Hamburg, where I still live and work today as a freelance artist. In addition to my own artistic work, I teach painting and sculpture, from the general basics to my focus on "Nudes and abstraction of the human figure" at academies and in my own studio.

Already during my studies, which among other things taught the classic craft of painting and drawing, plastic work with clay became more and more important for freelance work. Self-taught, I researched the material in small figures. The encounter with the Hamburg sculptor POM ( and our long-standing friendship deepened my knowledge of the material and larger works emerged.


My further path led me to music. During eight years of intensive work in an a capella choir, under the direction of Dimitris Liatsos, I discovered my solo voice. This was followed, stimulated by seminars with the Dutch singer Toiny Tune, experiments with free voice improvisation and circle song structures in small groups and enselbles - the fascination for this has remained to this day.

The voice work with Tim Jones ( ) brought me closer to classical Indian music and its form of improvisation. His training in perceiving singing from effortlessness and presence in particular opened up new spaces for me.

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